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The Trustees of the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and the 833 Administration Team have decided to close the 833 Lottery Club, with July 13th 2024 as the last draw.  The Lottery was set up at the end of 2019 to raise funds for the development and ongoing management of the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre.  Since that time the building has been finished and its management and activities firmly established. 

We thank all the Lottery members for their generous support over almost 5 years.

Lottery members will receive a personal notification shortly, with details of the closure process.

If you would like to contact us directly, please email: the833club@outlook.com

Results for the most recent draws:

Draw DateTicketsPrize Pot1st2nd3rd
13 Jul 2024130£104.00M Eve (93)A Heywood (82)V Pollard (166)
01 Jun 2024130£104.00B Dean (117)M Noble (73)B Lewczynski (114)
11 May 2024138£110.40R Donovan (127)M Belton (95)L Belton (96)
13 Apr 2024134£107.20L & ME Cornish (143)T Sharp (51)PL & J Steares (136)
09 Mar 2024147£117.60C Cotter (31)M Fjorentini (48)M Belton (95)
10 Feb 2024151£120.80C Dean (60)S Gibbon (9)D MacDonald (124)
13 Jan 2024145£116A Yates (65)A Yates (64)Mr&Mrs Cornish (143)
09 Dec 2023151£120.80M Noble (77)B Lewczynski (110)S Hassall (13)
11 Nov 2023140£112.00C Bowden (68)J Powell (162)C Treen (146)
14 Oct 2023142£113.60A&D West (172)B Lewczynski (114)P Moxley (5)
07 Sep 2023138£110.40D McEvoy (144)P Strickland (131)S Masters (151)
12 Aug 2023139£111.20D Edmunds (41)M Woodfine (6)R Harris (147)

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