Education Shelter

The Friends and their 833 Lottery Club have been pleased to help finance a new shelter for Lucy and her team to use during their many children’s education days. “It’s so helpful,” Lucy told us, “for really hot, sunny days or for when we have a light shower. It means we can stay outside as much as possible, which is why the children are coming here in the first place.”

It is situated next to the path down to the Discovery Centre.

The shelter was designed by Joseph Williams and is made of sustainable eco-friendly materials including bamboo for the uprights and a stretchable fabric awning. The awning can be taken down and packed away easily when not in use, which makes the shelter almost invisible.

The Friends shared the cost of the shelter with the 833 Lottery, and Lucy and her team also contributed to it. We hope that lots of classes will be glad of its shade and shelter during our increasingly hot summers.

Guide in a Hide

Every month knowledgeable Friends’ volunteers spend a day in the Gooders Hide, showing members of the public the varied birdlife visible from the hide. There are binoculars and telescopes on hand for a closer look, and experts to explain what to look out for.

Some months, there will also be additional volunteers, with a telescope, outside the Discovery Centre.

Art Wall

Rye Harbour Discovery Centre Art Wall

We have been working hand in hand with the management team at the Discovery Centre to create a new focal point for local artists within the centre, which has so far raised over £4000 for the Reserve.
The new Art Wall was generously donated by committee member and wildlife artist James Tomlinson.
The wall has been carefully designed so it doesn’t affect the wood cladding of the centre but will provide a good and well-lit hanging space for artwork.
The Art Wall features work from well-known professional artists and from keen and talented amateurs, providing an ever-changing display of exciting nature-based art inspired by the Reserve.

Artists who have exhibited so far, include: Robert Greenhalf, Cliff Dean, James Tomlinson, Stephen Message, Peter Greenhalf, Anna Wilson Patterson, Annie Soudain, Robbie Gooders, Jillian Eldridge, Louisa Crispin, Jane Beecham, Siobhan O’Hanlan, Denise Franklin, Karl Terry, Joanna Terry

The Art Wall was refurbished in January 2024 ready for water colours by Kathleen Loughton-Mead and wildlife photography by Howard Kearley.

We hope you’ll drop in to see the exhibitions.

Exhibitors for the Art Wall have been booked in for the next 12 months, but you are welcome to apply to exhibit here. The criteria are that you are inspired by the reserve, or create artwork on, or about the reserve.

If you would like to exhibit, please download the Art Wall Application and FAQ, then complete and return your form to the Art Wall team at: or to the Discovery Centre marked “Art Wall”. (You can read the FAQs here).

If you are chosen to exhibit you will be sent an Artists’ Pack containing all the details you will need in order to exhibit.

833 Lottery Club

The Draw

The 833 Lottery Club exists so members of The Club can provide a regular income to help our Discovery Centre while having the chance to win some money for themselves.

To take part, all you have to do is buy 1 ticket. Tickets cost £24 for 12 months, of which 60% will go towards the Discovery Centre and the rest is put into a monthly draw.

Application forms are available at the Discovery Centre, or you can download a form here Friends 833 lottery application form.

If you would like to contact us directly, please email:

We can sell up to 833 tickets a year. This would raise just under £12,000 for the Discovery Centre.

Results for the most recent draws:

Draw DateTicketsPrize Pot1st2nd3rd
13 Apr 2024134£107.20L & ME Cornish (143)T Sharp (51)PL & J Steares (136)
09 Mar 2024147£117.60C Cotter (31)M Fjorentini (48)M Belton (95)
10 Feb 2024151£120.80C Dean (60)S Gibbon (9)D MacDonald (124)
13 Jan 2024145£116A Yates (65)A Yates (64)Mr&Mrs Cornish (143)
09 Dec 2023151£120.80M Noble (77)B Lewczynski (110)S Hassall (13)
11 Nov 2023140£112.00C Bowden (68)J Powell (162)C Treen (146)
14 Oct 2023142£113.60A&D West (172)B Lewczynski (114)P Moxley (5)
07 Sep 2023138£110.40D McEvoy (144)P Strickland (131)S Masters (151)
12 Aug 2023139£111.20D Edmunds (41)M Woodfine (6)R Harris (147)
09 Jul 2023137£109.60M Noble (76)B Lewczynski (111)E Baker (97)
10 Jun 2023140£112M Noble (73)C Oliphant (40)P&J Burnett (154)
13 May 2023140£112C King (23)J Rawles (8)C Donovan (129)

Existing members need to renew their membership if their tickets were first drawn in May 2023.

The draw takes place at 11am on the second Saturday of each month.

For your chance to win in a future draw, please return your application form, with payment, to:
The 833 Lottery Club, Rye Harbour Discovery Centre, Harbour Road, Rye Harbour, E Sussex, TN31 7FW.
Or take it by hand to the Discovery Centre at the reserve.

There are some restrictions on buying tickets, you cannot be under 16 years of age, and you cannot be either a member of the Friends Committee or an administrator of The Club.

Why not buy some tickets as a gift for friends or family?

View Terms and Conditions