Art Wall FAQ

What sort of work do you accept?

Paintings, original prints (wood cuts, linocuts, monoprints etc), photography or mixed media. (Please note that if your work is mixed media it must be able to be attached securely to the art wall and must not extend more than 10cm from the wall into the exhibition space).

Can I submit sculpture, 3D pieces or ceramics?

No. Unfortunately at present we do not have a space to display artwork of this kind safely. This may change and if so we will invite work from these categories.

What is the length of time of each exhibition?

Typically we will show your work for two months (eight weeks). There may be occasions when we can only offer a one-month slot.

Does my work have to be framed?

Yes. For hanging purposes it must be framed. Exceptions are mixed media, which must be securely fixable to the wall and which must not jut out more than 10cm into the exhibition area.

How big is the hanging space?

The entire art wall measures 8’ by 8’ (244cm by 244cm). However it is not possible to cover the entire area with art work. The available space is approximately 2/3 of the entire space. See right.

What commission do you take on sales?

SWT takes 50% commission.

Does my work have to be for sale?

Yes. All pieces must be for sale.

Will I be exhibiting on my own?

In almost all instances yours will be a one-person show. However there may be occasions when we can only offer you a place in a joint show of up to three artists.

Will I be expected to hang my own work?

No. You will be invited to submit a set number of artworks after discussion with the art wall team and then the team will hang all, or some of your work, depending on the shape and size of the works submitted. Work must be strung using D rings for hanging. In the case of mixed media pieces where specialist hangers may be needed, this will be discussed with the team before hanging.

The art wall team has the final say in how works are hung for exhibition.

How should I label my work?

The team requires a list of all the work submitted including Title, Medium and Price well in advance of the show. Labels will be created for your work. NB: In addition it is essential that each work is clearly labelled on the back so that it can be assigned the right title and price label when being hung.

Is my work insured when it is in the Discovery Centre?

The Discovery Centre will not be responsible for insuring your works against loss or damage.
SWT will take care of work exhibited, but will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the exhibition or in storage.

Do you need any information about me for the exhibition?

Yes. We need 300-400 words on your work, what influences you, why you like working at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve etc. well in advance of the show. We also need a high resolution photograph of you (just head and shoulders which should be 300ppi by 10cm on the longest side). These will be used to create an artist’s biography.

Is there anywhere I can display unframed work?

You are welcome to show unframed original prints, photographs or giclee prints. These must be either in protective cellophane sleeves or carefully wrapped in cellophane. These should be displayed in a cradle-style browser. They may not be displayed in an upright flip browser. If you do not have a browser please discuss this with the art wall team before your exhibition.

Do I have to be a professional artist?


Is there an age limit on submissions?

No. You can apply to show your work here at any age.

Does it matter if I don’t ever visit the reserve but like creating artworks of animals?

Yes. We are specifically looking for exhibitors who work in relation to the reserve, its landscapes, its people and its wildlife.

Do I have to live locally?

No, but please note the answer above. Also, please be aware that you must be able to deliver and later collect any unsold work. We will not accept any artwork by postal delivery.

Can I sell greetings cards or books related to my work at my exhibition?

There may be an opportunity to do so but this needs to be discussed with the staff at the Discovery Centre.